After Mumbai, Uber now launches UberEats services in Bengaluru

After the launch of its operation in May, with Mumbai being the first city to avail the services, Uber has now launched its UberEats services in Bengaluru of Karnataka. Partnering with over 300 restaurants, the application started its service in Bengaluru from 4 pm on August 18. With the help of the newly launched application consumers will be able to order food from almost all major restaurants of the city.

Uber has appointed Vartika Bansal, who joined Uber in May 2017, as the General Manager for the UberEats, Bengaluru.

Made specifically for food delivery, UberEats application is completely separate from the Uber app, mostly used by many to book a ride. The App can be downloaded for iOS and Android from the iTunes or Google Play Store. Orders can also be made through the service’s official website

The newly-launched apps features technologies like:

Curation and Specialisation: Other than suggestions for appropriate restaurants, made based on previous orders, the app also allows users to view food photos and look for their favourite cuisines.

Scheduled orders: The app also allows the consumers to schedule an order from anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window to a week in advance.

Customise drop-off: The deliveries to the users can be done by selecting information about the delivery location. The app further delivers food at hospitals, parks and office buildings.

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