After free electricity and water now Kejriwal throws a new attraction spell of free data to Delhi public.

Delhi has been under a very serious air pollution problem for the last few years. The condition is getting worse every year. Mostly during the winters the air quality deteriorates to ‘very poor quality’. According to the report of the WHO survey, the Air pollution of Delhi is estimated to kill about 2.5 million people every year; this has been jumped to the largest killer in India via natural disaster.

On 25 November 2019, the Supreme Court of India made a statement saying “Delhi has become worse than Narak(hell)”.

This issue has not only been the topic of concern for Indian Media but all international media as well, the prominent leaders from all over the world are addressing to this problem.

Even after adoption, several measures have been taken by Municipality Authorities of Delhi to fight pollution: The odd-even rule, banning the entry of the dirtiest vehicles into the city has not shown any improvement in the AQI (Air Quality Index) of the city. Still, the AQI scale remains under the very poor in the past week.

Under such conditions, where the capital has become the poisonous gas chambers for the citizens. Amid the climate change crisis and pollution problem, Delhi CM has announced ‘15GB free data to the citizens through hotspot network’.

Few days after the announcement by all the Mobile Network companies about the increment of their data charges. The Kejriwal government has brought a new strategy to attract the attention of young voters.

Under such conditions, when the priority of the whole world is to improve the air quality, the government of Delhi is offering free internet data. How come free data can reduce the suffering of suffocation.

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