‘Acche din’ for swadesi Patanjali! Acharya Balkrishna moonwalks into the India’s Rich list!

When Patanjali emerged into the Indian markets, it was rather a matter of joke for people than being a brand. Slowly the obsession of Indian parents grew more towards this brand and Whoa! Patanjali has come up with a big surprise for us. The man behind Baba Ramdev’s swadesi empire Patanjali has swashed with a drift into the India’s rich list with a huge wealth worth billions! Well this could come out as a surprise to a lot of people that how a Baba can be so damn rich, but don’t forget that shocking revelations like this are a regular affair in India!
Acharya Balakrishna, the pillar of guru Baba Ramdev’s consumer goods empire Patanjali Ayurved, has stormed into the Hurun India Rich List with a wealth of Rs 25,600 crore (around $3.8 billion).
Balakrishna, 44, was ranked 26 among 339 in the list with individuals having Rs 1,600 crore (around $240 million) or more, the Hurun India Rich List 2016 report, which focuses on high-net-worth individuals in China and India, showed.
Patanjali Ayurved has grown almost five times between FY12 and FY15 when top FMCG firms in India such as Hindustan Unilever. Yoga Acharya’s Patanjali took the market by storm and is eating away market share of other multinational FMCGs. Patanjali registered a turnover of Rs 5,000 crore and expects to hit Rs 10,000 crore in 2017.
It has not even been a week when we were thinking that Baba Ramdev has gone too far for his swadesi andolan by launching the desi jeans, but after this survey we come to know that this man has the master key to rule the business!

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