Aam Aurat Dies because of AAP Rally, but Kejriwal Remains Mum

Serpentine traffic queues caused by rallies taken out by political parties is not a new phenomenon in India. These rallies, although they cause major traffic woes, are neither illegal nor unconstitutional, so long as they stay within the boundaries of peaceful protest or agitation, as the case may be. But what happens if such rallies cost lives because of ambulances stuck in traffic ? Does the Constitution’s guaranteed fundamental right to the freedom of assembly account for innocent lives lost ?
This question assumes prime significance because of the death of a woman in Ludhiana who was in a serious medical condition and on her way to hospital when the ambulance in which she was travelling got stuck in a rally taken out by the Aam Aadmi Party. The rally was to be addressed by Arvind Kejriwal, founding member of the AAP and presently the Chief Minister of Delhi.
60 years old Avtar Kaur was reeling under the effects of diabetes and loose motions, and was to be transferred to a superior hospital . However, according to the allegations leveled by her son Devinder Singh, despite numerous pleadings, the assembled crowd did not give way to the ambulance, and consequently, Ms. Kaur breathed her last even before she could make it to the hospital. As of now, no criminal case has been registered by Ms. Kaur’s family.
Of late, with a hawk’s eye on the Punjab Assembly elections, Mr. Kejriwal has left no stone unturned to drum up political support in his party’s favour. Yogendra Yadav, his former colleague and now arch political rival, is also pulling out all stops to secure as many votes as possible.
However, irrespective of the political calculations and motives, who will be or should be responsible for Avtar Kaur’s death ? Can Mr. Kejriwal, who portrays himself as the messiah of the aam aadmi I(common man) just shrug his shoulders and say tut-tut ? So far, he hasn’t reacted Also, isn’t it high time the courts step into the picture and devise a mechanism for averting such tragedies, but without trampling upon a key fundamental right ?

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