A woman claimed a ‘bomb is strapped her body’ to make Air Asia plane return back to Kolkata.

An Air Asia flight was forced to return to the airport here after a woman passenger claimed that she had explosives and threatened to blow to the aircraft mid-air but it turned out to be just a trick, an official said on Sunday.

No bombs were found after the investigation, with the women neither in the aircraft.

No bombs were found even after the thorough search of the plane. All of this was a plot by the woman as she wanted to return to Kolkata, they said.

A few minutes after the plane took off from the airport, the woman passenger on board, allegedly gave a note to one of the cabinet crew, asking to deliver it to the pilot.

The note said, there were bombs strapped to her body and she would detonate the bomb anytime.

After this the pilot informed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) which directed him to return to the city airport, he said.

“The ATC had declared a full emergency at the time. As soon as the aircraft landed at the airport, it was taken to isolation bay”, he said.

The passenger was taken into custody by Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), the woman has been identified as Mohini Mondol who is the resident of Salt Lake Area.

The woman was arrested and the medical examination suggested that she was in a drunken and tipsy state. After the investigation, it stated that the woman wanted to return to Kolkata hence she pulled this act.

Air Asia India cooperation stated that all the guests were taken care of and was provided with an alternate arrangement of aircraft to Mumbai again.

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