A dozen pizzas are stolen in Noida every week and the style of thieves is hilarious!

Remember the time when mommy used to warn you about those Dhoom-inspired biker thieves doing rounds for their chain-snatching stints in the neighbourhood? How everyone from Dolly aunty to Mrs. Gulati was shit scared to step out of their houses even in their American diamonds? And how you too were strictly instructed not to wear jewellery or take your phone out of your pocket while walking on the street.
It seems like the same biker thieves from Dhoom have returned. Not on screen, but in real life. Except, this time, they have a totally different agenda.

It’s not your gold finery, phone, or i-Pod on their radar–it’s your food that they are eyeing. (Ouch! That hurt more) Yes, they are stealing pizzas now. And it’s happening in our very own, beloved National Capital Region’s Noida.

According to a report in The Times of India, a dozen pizzas are stolen in Noida every week. On an average, there are about eight to 10 such incidents every month.

A pizza delivery boy, who works with Dominos was quoted by the daily as saying, “It’s not as if they steal only one pizza when they rob you. Saare le jaate hain jitney ho aapke paas. Normally, a delivery boy carries 4-5 pizzas when out for delivery.”

If you are thinking that this must a be a well-devised plan by some high-profile gang, then you are wrong. In a surprising revelation, a Pizza Hut delivery boy said, “Although the robbers hide their faces with a cloth or a helmet, you can tell that they are not the average criminals. Awaaz aur baaton se toh padhe-likhe type lagte hain.”
Given that most of these incidents occur near college campuses, the delivery boys assume that its the students’ doing.

Unfortunately, these ‘food robberies’ remain unreported. “We make a written complaint about it, but most of the times, no FIR is filed. A written complaint is required because we have to document stolen pizzas, and report it to our superiors. Par FIR ka jhanjhat kaun lega? Pizza hi toh hai,” said a branch manager of Dominos in Noida.
As funny as it sounds and as much as you’d like to think that everything is fair in love and pizza, this needs to be taken seriously. Come on, stealing a slice from your friend’s box is different. You just can’t let the criminals be.
So we hope that these cases start being reported. How else will the police even start investigating otherwise? After all, your favourite pepperoni pizza could be next.

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