After 36 days, ‘papa’ Ram Rahim’s ‘angel’ Honeypreet breaks silence

After a month of hide and seek with the police, Honeypreet Insan, also known as the adopted daughter of Sachha Dera chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been taken into custody. And finally, Priyanka Taneja alias Honeypreet decided to come out on television and speak about her absence from the spotlight.

On conversation with India Today, she said that she was “devastated” by the judgement passed by CBI Court on 25th September, which is why she was “depressed” and was taking her time to overcome the shock.

When being asked about her role in conspiring the Panchkula havoc, which occurred moments after Gurmeet Ram Rahim was convicted, she said, “Was I present with the arsonists (during the mayhem in Panchkula on August 25), how are they levelling such allegations.”

She was accused of being the conspirator of the mayhem caused in Panchkula; to which she replied “How are they making me an accused. I was there with my Papa (Ram Rahim) and discharging my duty as a daughter (on August 25).”

There were questions raised on Honeypreet’s presence in the chopper, which carried Gurmeet Ram Rahim to Rohtak jail from CBI court, after he was convicted.

Honeypreet said, “Every daughter remains with her father, I went with him. Have you heard me saying a word where I instigate people? I had gone there (to CBI court in Panchkula) with a hope that my father will return by evening, but when he was held guilty, I went into depression, how could I think about anything else, I was totally devastated.”

“Try to understand what my condition was. The woman who used to make patriotic films with his father (Ram Rahim), the woman in whom her father had infused spirit of patriotism over the years, he goes behind bars, which was unthinkable for me. And for that very woman to hear that sedition charges have been slapped, I was devastated. I was completely shaken to hear such serious charges when in my life I have not even killed an ant,” she added.

As per reports, the Delhi High Court had dismissed the transit anticipatory bail plea of Honeypreet Insan on 26th September.

Up on the allegations leveled by her ex-husband Vishwas Gupta about her relationship with Ram Rahim, Honeypreet said, “I cannot understand how anyone can point fingers at pious relations that are there between a father and his daughter. What proof have these people got to level such allegations? All those who are spreading such rumors, please do not believe them.”

Honeypreet said, ” Does anyone know them, who are they. As regards Vishwas Gupta, I do not want to talk about him.”

When she was asked about skeletons being buried inside the Dera at Sirsa and the secretary chief’s exploitation of some female disciples, Honeypreet said, “Did anyone find skeletons? As regards what is being said about my Papa, he is innocent and in times to come you will see this.”

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