This woman’s grocery list for her husband had left the internet in splits. See it for yourself.

Grocery shopping is one of the many listed things while managing the house. Thinking from the male point of view, it is like a walk of embarrassment for them, a different ball game altogether. Making them getting the things you actually want is the herculean task, and making them understand the totally different task. But here’s a woman who made sure that her husband buys what exactly she wants by making an elaborated grocery list that has gone viral.

Era Londhe didn’t want her husband to come back with any of the excuses and hence, drew out exactly how potatoes, tomatoes, onions and mirchis look, not to forget the brilliantly drawn methi and palak. Poor husband would have only felt embarrassed walking around with that list in the supermarket.

Era’s shopping list went viral on Internet and people on Facebook and Twitter couldn’t stop laughing at it. You must be wondering how can a shopping list be funny? Wait until you see Era’s where she has not only drawn various portraits of potatoes, small, medium and large, specifying which one to choose from and even described how a mirchi looks, ‘Dark Green, Long and straight’. Strange indeed but the fact is Era’s grocery shopping list soon went viral on social media and left people in splits. Have a look:

And the twitter went berserk

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