This Woman’s Hilarious Passport Photo Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Let’s face it, most of us hate our passport photos: ‘OMG, I look so fat… that’s totally not me… I need to just die now’ – dramatic, but we’ve all heard these exclamations coming from the passport booth once or twice. Even if you look out of place for one second, your face can go from absolutely stunning to downright tragic. Oh, and what’s even worse – we’re stuck with it for years! Nightmare.

A nightmare is just what Texan women Chelsey Ramos had. About to go on a trip to Germany with her boyfriend, Chelsey had to renew her passport. According to Lonely Planet, she went on down to Costco, had her photo taken, liked the result and submitted her application. Paid, signed, sealed and sent off to the US State Department, she had not a care in the world.

A few weeks later, Chelsey received her passport, immediately had a look at the picture, and then, well… do you remember Roger from ‘American Dad’? Well, take a look at this…

Now that we’ve jogged your memory (he’s the extraterrestrial with the long head, just in case you haven’t watched it) you’ll understand why the 27-year-old was so mortified, and no one wants a stretched-head passport pic for 10 years. Dying of laughter, her boyfriend Reece posted the image on Reddit and it went viral.

After contacting the passport office about the error, Chelsey was immediately issued with a new one – because obviously.

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