Some Oral Sex Tips for Everyone

By Ishank Katyal

Oral sex is indeed one of the most pleasuring and the safest act for anyone. Some people also believe that oral sex is more enjoyable than penetrative sex as it can turn on your partner more than anything and requires you to get close to the most private part of someone’s body.

So here are some simple tips to have master in oral sex for a healthy and enjoyable experience:

  1. Consent should be kept in mind: Before you start anything, it is important to consider your partner’s consent. Thus, it is important to remember the golden rule: No sex without consent. Not even in the oral act. It is important to respect your partner’s wishes. So, no begging or pushing the head down towards the genitals.

2. Don’t be ashamed being the first timer:

Its okay if you’re unaware of your fantasies or don’t know anything about oral sex. In fact, some of the best sex experiences are the exploratory ones.

3. Have a conversation before:

It is very important to have a pre- sex discussion before getting into the action. This allows you and your partner get to know each other’s likes and dislikes regarding sex so that both of you know the drills during the intercourse.

4. Have a slow start:

Start it slow especially when you are the new one to give oral sex. For example, lick the head of your partner’s penis before blow job and use your fingers on your partner’s clit before sucking and licking.

  1. Moisture is the key:
    Spit or lubricant are the best friends to keep the sex slick and smooth.

6. Add some variety:

It is great to innovate new techniques to please your partner. For example, use you index fingers while licking your partner’s vagina and licking and kissing the penis while giving the Fellacio.

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