Sci-fi turned to reality! The new Apple watch can make calls without an iPhone!

YOUR spy routine with the Apple Watch may soon get a little more convincing.
Apple aims to release a new watch as soon as this fall that directly connects to cellular networks, enabling it to make phone calls, surf the internet and send messages by itself, according to a report.
Current versions of the Apple Watch have to be connected to an iPhone in order to perform flashy functions like streaming music, showing directions on a map and sending text messages.
But according to a Bloomberg report, the new Apple Watch will be equipped with its own LTE wireless chip, freeing it from its iPhone dependence — a drawback that has dinged the Apple Watch in past critical reviews.
Apple doesn’t break out Apple Watch sales specifically, and analysts have long reckoned the product has been a flop since Apple launched its first watch in fall 2014.
Last week, however, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said Apple Watch sales grew by more than 50 per cent in the company’s fiscal third quarter.
Improving the battery life of the Apple Watch has been a focus in the upgrade efforts, according to the Bloomberg report.
The new model under development also may have new software features such as additional Siri-enabled functions, the ability to connect to gym equipment, display news stories and send payments.

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