Remember the good old days of Dining table and family conversations? Yes we killed it!

From 70’s to 2010’s Dining tables has seen all types of phases in its life. In 70’s having a dining table considered as an elite and class, then comes 80’s where dining tables had their own separate rooms. In 90’s it become a mandatory to have one dining table at house. In 2000’s the TV took over its prestige and by 2010’s we forgets that we even have one in our houses. From being a Royal and Elite to just another furniture in our house, being busy in televisions and now in Internet we killed the diner culture and dining table conversations in the process.

If the pristine rooms in the homes of my friends and family are any indication, the dining room is perhaps used for two or three dinners a year. Diwali would be the one. Maybe the holidays. But that’s about it. After those instances pass, it reverts to its role as a museum for china and glassware, or perhaps a life-size diorama of how families used to eat.

The dining room, it seems, is going out of fashion. Meals are eaten around the kitchen (island, table or sink) or, more likely, on the coffee table at an hour our grandparents would probably consider to be “bedtime.” We’re all busier than ever, working longer than ever.

What made this diner and dining culture gone?

Well, i think it’s more than one reason why this happened to poor dining table in our houses.

1. It loses its royal charm once it became available to every class.

2. Television took over and whole family interested in watching reel life drama rather than discussing real life one.

3. Millennia’s are busy connecting with others who are miles away from them than those who STAYS With Them!

Why Eating together is Important.

Eating dinner together as a family provides the opportunity for conversation. This lets parents teach healthy communication without distractions from smart phones, television, computers, and mobile devices.
By engaging your children in conversation, you teach them how to listen and provide them with a chance to express their own opinions. This allows your children to have an active voice within the family.
Conversations at the dinner table expand the vocabulary and reading ability of children, regardless of socioeconomic status. Family dinners allow every family member to discuss his or her day and share any exciting news.

The diner culture is on the verge of extinction but it shouldn’t have to be. Dining tables made our family bond stronger; it was once a place to have healthy conversations with each other not Whatsapp and Facebook. If you have one in the house please use it and if you didn’t have one, get one, even if it’s a small one. Technology killed many things in the process, let’s just not make diner culture one of them.

By: Saket Sharma

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