NLC Satire: Why Indians pretend to be spotless into the matter of cleanliness

We Indians are very habitual of behaving very polite and gentle while we get to some other place like going to neighbours, relatives, restaurant, coffee place or going to other city. We are always in the habit of showing that this is the culture of Indians to stay calm and clean.

In a survey conducted by people for cleanliness of America it is found that Indians are the only people residing in USA who take bath every day, wash their cloths every week and plea others to follow the same routine. In fact, Indians in America ask their visitors to take their shoes & slipper’s out while they are entering their house. Isn’t that funny because to the extent of my knowledge there are very less Indians in our country who leave their clogs outside their home or they take bath every day. We show outside that we are very neat and clean but our country comes at the top in the world when it comes to dirtiness and slums.

Going through the full report of the survey I found that Indians are very nostalgic in nature they actually know how to behave everywhere. In these gigantic winters, who cares of taking bath every day or roaming from one place to other in the house without slipper in this winters is something out of the context of understanding that how these people are able to perform such activity without hesitation.

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