Neither Trump nor Modi; now ‘cheese tea’ takes social media by a storm

Love cheese? Love tea? Ever imagined having the both together? Cheese tea is just the thing for you then. The latest fad to hit social media has created a storm as people are loving the quirky beverage. Being as photogenic as it is tasty; the drink has taken social media by a storm. It has sparked an Instagram cheese and moustache trend, with millions of people posting their cheese tea pictures online with hashtag #cheesetea.

So what is this weird beverage?

Despite sounding weird, bizarre and not so tasty cheese tea will surprise your taste buds and leave you asking for more. Cheese tea was born in Taiwan and has quickly spread to China and parts of Southeast Asia. Moving across the globe faster than a tornado, cheese tea or fluffy tea has now made it to the US and UK. It has been loved so much by people that dedicated cheese tea cafes have sprung up in Los Angeles and London. Chefs have cashed in on the latest drink to entice people, as they have dedicated entire menus to the tea and have also started brewing up new and exotic flavours to tingle one’s mouth.


The recipe consists of flavoured tea, boba tea, milk or fruit drinks topped with whipped cream cheese or even layered throughout the tea drink. The delightedness in the taste lies in the sweetening of the cream cheese, a simple but important process in the making of this drink. Cream cheese is sweetened slightly with condensed milk, allowing it to retain its saltiness while adding a pinch of sweetness at the same time. Chefs have now also started combining heavy cream with a whipping powder cheese (a blend of sugar, palm oils, milk derivatives, salts and stabilisers, among other things).

People have gone onto show their love for the drink by posting rave reviews online. If sipped correctly, customers are left with a light, adorable cream moustache on their upper lip. You can also be a part of the social media trend on Instagram by posting your cheese and moustache selfies.

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