Manforce India Just Announced ACHAARI Flavored Condoms & Reactions Are Priceless

I’m pretty sure y’all remember the time when Durex “launched” ground-breaking Baingan (eggplant) flavored condoms and internet lost its shit completely?

You know how ancient Greeks once said, “all condom companies follow the same marketing strategy.” This time it’s Manforce India. They have just announced “the very Indian, tangy and tantalizing Acchari” range of flavored condoms in a Facebook post and it’s going viral.

If your girlfriend is crazy about Indian food, this one is just for you!
Okay, this is most probably just a joke, but you never know. Maybe they will actually roll out ‘Achaar’ flavoured condoms. But, if they’re real, are you brave enough to try these? Or have they ruined ‘achaar’ for you forever?

Wonder what wacky flavour they have in store for us next. Kaala khatta? Paani puri? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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