In this Nation, Girls are asked to leave the house during her periods.

Even at the end of 2010s, 8 out of 10 girls are still facing this ritual during her period, every month. In this tradition girls are kept outside homes, they are forced to live in a small ill-lit and in poor conditioned huts or shelters. This ritual is known as ‘Chhaupadi’. Girls and woman are considered to be impure during her menstrual, that is why they are asked to leave the house during this period, and when her period is over she can enter the house again. Along with this, girls not allowed to participate in any household activity, enter temples or offer prayer.

According to, research of Centre for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities (CREHPA) on 400 girls of Nepal, 77% of girls are compelled to follow ‘Chopadi’. CREHPA stated that this tradition is followed not only in poor classes, but also in high income well-educated families.

In 2018, Supreme Court of Nepal has called practice of ‘Chhaupadi’ as deleterious and stated a ban on it. Even after the Supreme Court orders, this tradition is still followed in several areas of Nepal. Several girls and women have lost their lives due to poor hygiene and no sanitation facilities. Several NGO has stepped forward and started working towards eradicate this tradition.

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