Highest number of women sex toy buyers in India from Punjab: Survey

While the trade on sex toys is a tough business in a conservative Indian society, bold entrepreneurs entertaining and marketing sex products have increased the number of online buyers in the country. And even as a sharp difference remain between the number of male and female buyers of sex products, a recent survey show that 62 percent of the customers are men and 38 percent are women.

The survey conducted by ThatsPersonal, a sexual wellness products destination, further shows that intimate massagers are mostly sold by women buyers and lubricants are the highest sold among men. Other sex products which are commonly sold among Indians are Delay sprays, sexy lingerie, pleasure rings, condoms and ‘sexcitement’ lotions.

More interestingly, among the women in the country Punjabis have topped the list in buying sex products in the last year. Although, intimate massagers are not the most sold product in Punjab, while ‘sexcitement products’ are most commonly used by the Punjabi women.

The study further shows, that Gujaratis get three times kinkier during Navratri. Apart from the rise in the sale of condoms, other products like adult games, edible lingeries, edible body paints and pleasure rings are also sold more in the state during Navratri. On the other hand towns in Gujarat like Rajkot, Baroda and Bhuj like buying lubricants, adult games, penis pumps, sexy lingerie and intimate massagers.

Women from Baroda even defeat the men in buying sex products as 53% of the products sold there are by women. Last year the maximum number of penis enlargement products were bought by men from Uttar Pradesh and most number of BDSM products are sold in Assam.

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