Giving guns to kids could be the reason of violence in your house

Toy guns could be harmless, but have you ever thought that what impact it has been creating on your children’s mind? Kids are like the unmouldedclay and whatever we form them into, they get the shape of that. So in this condition, is gifting toy guns to our kids the right culture? Many homes with children have guns in them, and about 1.7 million children are living in the presence of a loaded, unlocked gun. It would be of no wonder to us, that in these homes, someone dies sudden from an unintentional gunshot.

Our children are exposed to gun violence in movies and that’s where the curiosity begins.

Children are more likely to try other risky behaviors they see an actor doing in movies. In every movie, warnings are given before cigarettes and alcohol as well as action scenes sometimes, but why there are no warnings before guns?A movie character with a gun has the similar impact on children as a movie with a character smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

So if you have a gun in your home, just simply lock it up or keep it away from reach of children and try to put an end to toy gun culture.

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