Creativity takes over rituals as this Durga idol adorns 3.5 crore of gold sari

Bongs won’t let a chance go when it comes to creativity. Establishing this, a Kolkata-based fashion designer Agnimitra Paul crafted an intricate sari for goddess Durga. Her creativity took over rituals in this land of artists!

This seems like a cooked up story but designer Agnimitra made this Durga the luckiest one on this planet.

22kg of 22-carat gold, 50 artisans and more than two-and-half month hard work resulted in the awe-strike outfit of Maa Durga. This time Santosh Mitra Square is sure to be an eye-catcher in Kolkata’s terrain of extravagant work.

On the club’s 82nd celebrations, Agnimitra Paul pushing away all impossibilities is creating buzz with her unique creation.

Artisans from all over Bengal assembled to share their hands on this auspicious work of crafting sari.

Keeping in mind the elegant factor of the goddess, designer Agnimitra with her intricate work interweaved threads with floral motifs, butterflies, birds and a giant peacock. Studded with gemstones, there is meenakari work as well.

In a thirst to do something inimitable this year, Pradip Ghosh, President of the puja committee along with his son and General Secretary, Sajal Gosh came up with this unique idea.

Being a veteran jeweler, Ghosh knows the appeal of the delicate design of Bengal jewelers and to put the dexterity of Bengal gold artisans in the limelight he took the initiative.

Exposure bestows a platform to artists and with this hope, Ghosh’s optimism is sure to bring this bunch of 50 artisans who worked day in and out to accomplish them a brighter future. Agnimitra and artists Govinda and Pappu took this mammoth challenge to bring into action.

The famous Kumortuli artist Mintu Pal crafted the idols with flair skills. Giving shape to the goddess was also accompanied by a group of renowned goldsmiths.

No wonder hard work always pays off and the deed was lauded by the public.

As the gala of Durga Puja is in full swing, the ever-famous Sealdah Park is all decorated as a mini-version of London. Bongs are certain to find themselves amidst the iconic London Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Let’s go inside the dazzling Buckingham Palace replica and there you find something never seen before.

A contrast is created inside the replica of Britain’s Buckingham Palace, where a combination of British icons décor and Renaissance-inspired paintings ornamented on the walls but the center-point left prominence to Bengal’s rich heritage.

Impossibility is just the fabrication of an insufficient imagination but Kolkata once again proved that it thrash away everything when it comes to the imagination!

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