Attention ladies! Here are the best exercises to maintain your health

Social media has impacted the society in ways beyond imagination. The impact of these social engines have drastically changed the shape of society as well as their way of thinking. While it has effected us in some negative ways, there are few pros to it well.

People around the world tend to look more fit and presentable now. The cause maybe a bit shallow when it comes to show off but in other ways it is beneficial, if done the right way. Also people are much more aware about their fitness as well as inner health now.

Women seem to be more active when it comes to working on their appearance but they fail to understand that fake makeup tricks and tights are not enough.
While women are way too far beyond men when it comes to graceful sweat-shedding exercises such as aerobics and other dance forms but when it comes to strength training, they lag way behind.
Women have always been shying away when it comes to working out hardcore exercises in the gym but they are badly mistaken. According to a latest research, Strength training actually reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It is quite obvious that strength training helps in building the muscles but in the surplus of that, it also strengthens the bones by increasing its density. Aging women know quite well the Importance of strong bones as age and hormonal changes can complete ruin the bones, resulting in a lot of serious diseases. Hitting the gym for strength training is also beneficial for you as it also reduces BMI, which improves how the body uses insulin. A bigger muscle also means that glucose can get around the body better.

A research was also conducted regarding the same situation, as mentioned in TIME. According to the researchers, they tracked the women who got cardiovascular disease, including the cases of heart strokes, heart attacks and diabetes.
According to the authors,  “Women who reported participating in any amount of strength training were more likely to have a lower BMI, more likely to engage in healthy dietary patterns, and less likely to be a current smoker,” compared with women who avoided it.

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