10 Names that is perfect for online chatting across India

As we all are aware of the fact that some names are itself a brand in their own meanings. Here we represent the 10 best males and female’s names that are viral on social networking sites.
10 Best Male Names popular on social media platform
1. Raj
2. Prem
3. Rahul
4. Ishaan
5. Jai
6. Ali
7. Arjun
8. Vivaan
9. Azhar
10. Kabir
10 Best females’ names popular on social media platform
1. Geet
2. Tanya
3. Simran
4. Rhea
5. Aditi
6. Kiara
7. Heer
8. Rosy
9. Fariya
10. Naina
so guys if you also know someone with similar names mentioned above just go and check their profile because who knows may be you have more followers than them and let us know in the comment section below.

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