Weird ! Now this Gym wants to cover her body.

Is there any particular dress code for Gym or we go out in a Gym in the outfit in which we are comfortable.

But a shocking incident came into light where a girl was kicked out of the gym at the college of Charleston as she was wearing a crop top.

Villafane a girl who was asked to change her top, and when she said she didn’t have anything to change into, she went into the gym and began her workout anyway.

According to Villafane, while she was exercising, a member of staff allegedly approached her and told her to put a shirt on so she had “full coverage”. Then, the manager was called over and she was told the same thing.

She wrote on Facebook:

I bought this outfit to work out in because it’s COMFORTABLE. What is the issue? Why can’t I work out in this outfit? Is my belly button distracting to the general 85% male demographic that your gym serves? I’m forced to leave, WHY? Honestly I’m so floored that I just got kicked out for this.

Villafane was then told the gym said they kicked her out “for sanitary concerns”. She wrote:

However, they never made those sanitary concerns clear when they asked me to change. They told me I need ‘more coverage’ and nothing more. Not to mention, their website has no written dress code anyway.

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