Watch: ‘Giant Coke bottle’ robs Kentucky restaurant at gun-point

Rally’s restaurant in Kentucky saw perhaps the weirdest robbery of the year.

Exceptionally displaying the ‘art of robbery’, a man dressed as a giant Coke bottle, barged into the restaurant and managed to escape with $ 500. The incident took place at around 7am when the food joint was closed. Footage captured by the CCTV cameras present in the eatery in Henderson, Kentucky, showed a man, disguised as a Coke bottle, breaking into the eatery carrying a hand-gun.

The suspect entered through the back-door and threatened the manager at gun-point. However, the helpless manager, who was alone at the store at that time, luckily escaped without any injuries. The man made off in a grey minivan and is currently still on the loose, mentioned a statement issued by the Henderson Police Department.


Police are having a hard time investigating the crime as they are yet to find any information on the giant sized soda bottle. The ‘crook-a-cola’ is said to be a white male, as per police reports. Reportedly, another suspect, who drove the minivan, waiting outside the store, helped the ‘coke-man’ to escape, thereby helping in the perfect execution of the robbery.

Police are currently baffled and have not been able to make any breakthrough into the crime owing to the robber’s ingenious idea of dressing up a Coke bottle. They are now further investigating CCTV footage before and after the crime of nearby areas around Rally’s, to see if the suspect has been captured on any of them. The police have issued a statement asking to call Crime Stoppers with any information on the giant ‘soft drink’. The fast-food joint have also offered a $5000 reward for anyone with information on the ‘creative’ thief.

Guess somebody took the new 3D Coke billboard ad too seriously and decided to bring their Halloween costume out a few days early.

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