US President Trump warns India about retaliation if anti-malaria drugs not supplied to them.

World super America is currently suffering from coronavirus pandemic severely. Approximately 350 thousand corona positive cases are there and more than 13 thousand had died. No vaccine has been developed till yet to cure coronavirus patients. Amid the suffering of millions of patients, India has come up with a temporary solution to stable corona positive patients.

Anti-Malaria drug i.e. hydroxychloroquine developed to cure malaria and dengue patients is working fine to provide relief to corona patients. As malaria disease was eradicated in America in 1951 and they stopped the mass production of anti-malaria drugs since then. And right now the drug that they stopped manufacturing is effective in curing corona patients but America has run out of stock.

Malaria is still a chronic disease in India. Thousands of people die every year due to dengue and malaria. So drug production to cure malaria and dengue is pretty high in India as compared to other developed nations like America, Spain, and Itlay.

But Trump spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the weekend seeking supplies and on Monday said India may face retaliation if it didn’t withdraw the ban on exports.

“It has been decided that India would license paracetamol and HCQ in appropriate quantities to all our neighboring countries who are dependent on our capabilities,” said Indian foreign ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava.

“We will also be supplying these essential drugs to some nations who have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic,” he said.

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