This woman’s partying Whatsapp group is going viral and people wants to copy the same

WhatsApp family groups can be really annoying all the time sometimes, but if you’re an Indian you know what to expect if you ever leave the group. The family is sacrosanct and the influence of social media is such that the family members equate leaving the WhatsApp family group to leaving your family. A brave woman committed this blasphemous act and left her family WhatsApp group one fine day, tired of all the fake news, distasteful and insensitive jokes.

Namaah, an author and illustrator by profession, shared a screenshot of her bravery on Twitter and no surprise that it went viral. Namaah left her family WhatsApp group with a message so relatable that people want to ‘copy it and use it appropriately’. So, after her courageous move, she’s obviously been patted on the back (on Twitter) and people cannot help expressing how inspired they felt after reading her message

And here’s how twitter reacted:

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