This video of Saudi Women’s musical protest against guardianship laws will hit you hard

“May all men disappear from earth. They give us psychological sickness.”
Just think what courage and hatred it takes to utter such words about the whole male community. But maybe the women in Saudi Arabia feel themselves chained so tightly that now they want to get freed anyhow.

A recent Human Rights Watch report described the male guardianship system as “the greatest impediment to women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.” This system legally binds every Saudi woman, regardless of her age, to the authority of a male relative, who is effectively her legal guardian. This man is typically her father, husband, or in the case of many widows, her son. A male guardian has the authority to make a range of critical decisions on her behalf: he is legally required to grant permission for travel, to be released from prison or a shelter, and to get married.

His permission is also needed for such tasks as co-signing a lease or filing a police complaint. Women who have received government funded scholarships to study abroad can only do so with the permission of her guardian and a male relative to accompany her. Although not legally required, some employers and hospitals demand guardian permission for a woman to work or access healthcare.

These restrictive policies and practices leave women entirely dependent on the goodwill of their male guardian, with little control over their career, lifestyle or other personal choices.

The women’s rights movement in Saudi Arabia has sent internet into a buzz in recent dayss with a campaign to end the male guardianship system and grant women their full and equal citizenship. Saudi women have been tweeting for their freedom with the hashtags #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen and #Togethertoendmaleguardianship.

They have made this cool music video with a really strong cause behind it. The music video also has lines which say “May all men disappear from earth. They give us psychological sickness.” The video makes fun of the bn on women driving and several other guardianships on women.


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