This Paris ‘gym boat’ is powered by workouts

It can be tough to find a gym with a view.

But the Paris Navigating Gym, a new design proposal, would let exercisers sail along the Seine, looking out at the French city’s riverbanks and skyline. That is, if they help to power it.

The 65-foot-long boat would be outfitted with bikes and cross-trainer machines that would harness the energy generated by passengers’ workouts. That, in turn, would fuel the vessel’s electric propellers.

The proposal is the product of a collaboration between design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati, fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, architecture nonprofit Terraform One, and urban regeneration institute URBEM.

The work-out powered boat could hold up to 45 people, and augmented-reality displays in the boat would show them how much energy was being generated by their workouts in real time. Of course, it wouldn’t be entirely up to those on the fitness machines to move the boat – supplementary photovoltaic solar cells on the roof would provide energy as well, so passengers don’t have to run or pedal themselves all the way back to shore if they don’t want to.
Credits: Business insider

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