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No Fear No Favour

This is what will happen after Queen Elizabeth II Dies.

By Ishank Katyal

In early 2017, there was this codename called “London Bridge is Down” or Operation London Bridge coined which refers to what will happen after Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth Realms dies.

This plan was originally made in 1960s and changed several times every year. It involves changes regarding the departments like Church of England, Metropolitan Police Service, media, British Parks, Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Parks, London Boroughs, The Greater London Authority and Transport of London.

If the 90 years old Queen’s death is expected to happen or if there is any instance that she’s critical, the primary media house BBC will be the first bees agency to broadcast the news as historically, BBC is the only channel which has been the primary source of the news of Royal deaths. They will broadcast the news via its main TV channels where all the BBC channels will be interrupted to show BBC One Feed which will show the news. However this time, the news may be primarily circulated through world’s media via news agency like Associated Press.

If we talk about Churches, the ceremonial traditions will begin in London to admire the British. The national flags will be lowered to half- mast.

The Westminster Abbey’s famous tenor bell which is rung on the royal deaths will be heard in the streets as most bells in Westminster will be muffled on other occasions.

St. Paul’s Great Ton will toll as well. Theatres, businesses, entertainment parks will likely to be closed.

People will gather around the Buckingham Palace at the 10th day of mourning before the funeral.

Moreover, Prince Charles will serve as the king from the next day at 11 am and will pick his own ruling name when he takes the throne as British monarchs are allowed to pick their own ruling name before taking the throne. King George VI was born as Prince Albert but when he took the throne, he kept his name after his father King George V.

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