This ICU Grandpa is as adorable as the toddlers. Watch it for yourself

Meet David Deutchman, the ICU Grandpa who volunteers for a local neonatal intensive care unit.
This 82-year-old retired marketing executive is as adorable as his tiny patients and Atlanta must be proud to get him.

Least interested in tittle-tattle, he dedicates his spare time volunteering for a neighbouring neonatal intensive care unit, to comfort the little patients with warmth.

He has been following the same routine over past 12 years, where he devotes two days a week comforting parents and newborns alike.

This widely made him known as the ICU Grandpa at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital.

Preemie Logan, is one such lucky champ who got embraced by Deutchman’s arms, born at just 25 weeks.
This moment was captured by Logan’s mother as she fought back happy tears. She travels home every evening and recently returned from an anxiety-filled night of sleep worrying about her son. Anxious mommy finding her son quite at ease with Deutchman snapped this photo immediately as she cried happy tears.
How he smiles and introduces himself as ICU Gramps.

When asked why he does what he does, he believes virtue appears from good deeds and how it feels to get engaged in such work, “One just don’t get it how rewarding it feels to hold a baby like this.”

Your heart is sure to get soften after watching this Grandpa.
Deutchman watched silently how his story went viral after the hospital shared it on its Facebook page. Over 60,000 people have shared the post, which has escalated to 141,000 likes.

Trailing the viral popularity of Deutchman’s story, the intensive care unit ended up making a video.
It’s not all about stopping the crying babies but the warm connection of being held got a lot of benefits. It feels gratifying to hold the tiny creature against your heartbeat. The entire atmosphere gets an upbeat vibe and that’s what attracts me. “Sometimes I get puked on, I get peed on, but it’s great!”
It is sure to learn many things from this adorable Atlanta Grandpa and one can take it as a lesson!

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