Thanks to the circulated delhi metro video for making us believe that all men are not the same!

There’s no dearth of advocates for moral policing in India. Precisely the ones who think it’s their moral responsibility to preach and ‘put a woman in her place’. Delhi, apparently known as the rape capital of India, might not do much for the safety of women but will jump first to blame women for the same.

Recently, a stranger uploaded a video on Facebook only to show how a couple’s understated PDA is degrading the society. In fact, the man went on to blame the woman in the video for all the rapes happening in the city.

Satiant P Singh Thakur posted this video which he claimed to be ‘intimate’ and ’embarrassing’.

ये हे डेल्ही मेट्रो । शर्म आती है ऐसे लोगो पे जो अपनी बेटी को थोड़ी सी शर्म भी नहीं सिखाती और कहती है लडकिया सुरक्षित नहीं है, ऐसे ही होता रहा तो वाकई डेल्ही में लड़कियां सुरक्षित नहीं रहेंगी। ये प्रीतमपुरा मेट्रो की विडीओ हे।

(This is Delhi metro. I feel bad for people who don’t teach their daughters any shame and then say women are not safe in our country. If such shamelessness continues, women will certainly never be safe. This video was recorded in Pitampura metro.)
However, another stranger to this couple, Tarun proved that chivalry is not dead. Realizing that the video was posted without the couple’s consent and was raising questions on woman’s character, Tarun decided to do more than liking, commenting or sharing the video.

Tarun circulated the message to all his friends asking them to ‘report abuse’ the video. Consequently, within hours, Facebook pulled down the video. What Tarun did reflects how we can’t sit back and lambaste at the circumstances this bad place called ‘internet’ creates. Because while there are few who take undue advantage of the platform, there are few more who know how to draw the line by taking a strong stand .
As for the allegation the man posting this video put on the women out there, it’s sickening how harmless affection irks you to pick your camera and shoot them. After all, as they say in India, it’s a crime to show your love but definitely not a crime to attack someone.

Of course, this was an attack.

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