Super-Fit Chinese Mother Looks So Young People Think Her 22-Year-Old Son Is Her Boyfriend.

Ageing is the problem we all are worried about. No one wants to lose their strength, power and beauty with time. A lot of efforts are made to maintain our body & beauty through time, but we know that all those are vain.

But, this lady from China has proved it all wrong. This boy is not her boyfriend, he is her son.

Shocked? We also were!

The lady known as Liu Yelin, is almost 50 years old. The lady is a single mother and successfully raising a 22 year old boy. The irony for her beauty is that her son is often mistaken as her boyfriend.

Liu looks so younger to her age that people think of her as a college student, while she is having a son who’s in college.

This beauty defines that there is nothing impossible with full dedication.

She is truly a treat to eyes.

Even though she rarely wears the make-up, it’s hard for people to believe that she is 50 years of age and has a 22-year-old son.


Look at her body, she is toned in heavens. 50 years of age but not having a single wrinkle on her face. She is perfectly a DIVA. What say, folks?

 Looking for her “SECRET”?

Well, you know all of them.

Mrs Yelin mentioned that regular exercise is her mantra for fitness & flawless skin. She swims daily and also opts for weight training regularly.

In fact, this woman holds a record in swimming, by swimming 7.45 miles in just 4 hours.

Because of her beauty and body, this Chinese mother has become a social media sensation. Gaining 75k followers on Chinese social media site “Weibo”

That’s all folks…!! Do follow her..!

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