Post Coronavirus pandemic crisis, China seems to become superpower: Know-How

Coronavirus pandemic is the world’s top challenge. Almost every country is suffering. The virus started from China has now taken the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and Itlay into its grip. The current world superpower USA is the most affected country where there is more than 5,00,000 corona positive case. As per the reports by top economist prediction, this pandemic disease has taken the USA a decade back and it’ll take a long to recover.

Meanwhile, China has recovered from COVID19 and it is back in business. China is presently supplying masks, personal protective equipment (PPE’s), gloves, ventilators, sanitizer, and other medical equipment.

Sophia Gaston of the London School of Economics’s Institute of Global Affairs told the BBC, “At the time of this pandemic, countries were expected to cooperate with each other as a common challenge, so as to counter the crisis.” It is happening that all the countries are giving preference to their personal interests and instead of cooperation they are competing with each other. “

One example of this is the rift in the unity of European countries. When the incidence of COVID-19 infection increased rapidly in Italy, Italy appealed to its neighboring countries to help them in providing medical resources. However, Italy’s two big neighbors Germany and France banned the export of such products from their own country.

“Of course these are not auspicious signs for European unity,” wrote Mauricio Masari, the Italian ambassador to Brussels, the European Union’s headquarters, on a website called Politico.

Similarly, China has also provided medical equipment and testing kits to Italy. Simultaneously, China has also sent a team of its doctors to Italy, who is being seen as heroes in Italy. The #grazieChina or thank you China hashtag has been trending for a long time on Italy’s social media.

Gesu Antonio Baez is the executive director of a consultancy firm named Pax Tecum. The London-based company provides services related to diplomatic and international development issues.

Baez says that China today is making a sly attempt to fill the diplomatic space vacated by the US during this global crisis. This situation has worsened because US President Donald Trump has been following the policy of ‘America First’ since coming to power in 2016. Anyway, the attitude of America does not appear to be of cooperation with anyone.

In addition to the tussle with China, the Trump government annoyed old ally Germany when they tried to gain the privileges of the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by a German pharmaceutical company. Recently, the US President also warned India that if it does not lift the ban on the export of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, then the US will also reverse India. Because hydroxychloroquine is also being tested for treatment of Kovid-19.

Says Baez, “America has not interfered as a diplomatic superpower during this global epidemic crisis. And that is why China has the opportunity to fill America’s vacant position in world diplomacy.”

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