Pictures of ‘swooning’ Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau went viral on the Internet.

Being the most adorable man in the room will surely attract you the much-needed attention from the surrounding, but what it does not give you is the much-needed fame. Being an adorable man may not always give you the headlines, but when you are a Canadian Prime Minister, you surely been given the space on the first page.

No one thought for a second the mere visit of a Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to White House will gather such media space. The picture of Ivanka Trump, U.S President Donald Trump’s Daughter, looking adorably at him spread like a wildfire. The picture became the source of entertainment among netizens and Twitterati. Soon, the meme started to float on the twitter and on the internet.

What we had 2 days back was just the part of the story. The world leaders are seen swooning over his looks. Have a look.

1) Queen Elizabeth II

Even the Majesty is beaming

2) Barack Obama

Such Bromance, Much WOW!!

3) Ban Ki Moon

U.N Secretary General, too, having a hard time to keep a neutral face.

4) Strength to the core

“Tough like steel” Maybe, their thoughts.

5) Prince Harry

What could they be the matter of discussion?

6) Prime Minister of United Kingdom – David Cameron

“I won’t let you go, Justin” said, Cameron

7) German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian PM Justin. Maybe, she fell into the eyes of the PM. Who knows

8) Li Keqiang

That spark in his body, though

9) The Duchess of Cambridge

“Kahin par nigahein, kahin par nishana” is perfect for the background music.

10) Emma Watson

The girl who stole millions of hearts had lost her heart to this man

11) Ivanka Trump

“Yeh kon hai jissne mujh ko mudkar tak nhi dekha?” Best fitted dialogue

12) U.S President Donald Trump

This man, too, can’t able to resist himself.

And you thought only Ivanka Trump fall for him?

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