Pandemic Coronavirus: Death toll reaches 800+ per day in Itlay – Learn More

The worldwide pandemic coronavirus has created fear like environment across the world. It’s worst effect can be seen in Itlay. More than 800 people are dying every day due to coronavirus and thousands are still suffering and have been put under observation in Itlay.

Italy on Saturday reported 793 new coronavirus deaths, a one-day record that saw its toll shoot up to 4,825 — 38.3 per cent of the world’s total. The number of COVID-19 infections rose by 6,557 to 53,578, another record. The total number of fatalities in the northern Lombardy regions around Milan surpassed 3,000. It accounts for nearly two-thirds of Italy’s fatalities.

Police were out in force across the streets of Rome on Saturday, checking documents and fining those outsides without a valid reason, such as buying groceries.

Joggers were asked to run around the block of their houses, parks and beaches were closed, and the government in Rome prepared to extend the school and other closures into the summer months.

But the outbreak keeps gathering pace in the new global epicentre of the virus. First reported in December in China, it has since transformed the world, straining healthcare systems, upending the lives for millions and pummelling global stock markets.

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