On Their 10th Birthday, Pornhub Reveals What People Loves To Watch On Their Website

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then our internet browsing history could be a window into humanity.

To clarify: people’s porn habits are a fascinating reflection on current affairs, trends and society.

The world’s most popular porn site, PornHub, boasts around 10 million videos and receives 75 million visitors a day from all over the world, so it’s probably best placed to comment on people’s viewing pleasure.

The site is celebrating its 10-year-anniversary by delving into all the secretive habits of those visitors.

This is no questionable survey or opinion-based vox-pop – this is real, empirical data related to sexual fantasies, as well as an incredible insight into how current affairs can influence them.

New York Magazine calls it “the Kinsey report of our time,” referencing two famous books on sexual behaviour from the mid-20th Century.

Here’s what we learnt about what people are getting off on:

!. Millennials love cosplay (sex in costume, dressing up as fantasy characters, etc.)
2. Women from Brazil and the Philippines love the site
3. People browse the redhead category for only six and a half minutes, as opposed to the average 11 minutes spent on the old/young category
4. The most popular category among female users is ‘lesbian’

Here’s what we learnt about when people are getting off:
Midnight is the most popular time for users

There is a 17 percent drop in traffic on Valentine’s Day, after 6 pm

Traffic declines by 45 per cent on Christmas Eve

But then rises 34 percent early Christmas morning

Searches for ‘elf’ go up 454 percent around the holiday period

And here’s what we learnt about how current events can affect people’s pornographic preferences:

2012 saw a huge rise in demand for yoga porn
The search ‘Cuban maid’ spiked after Fidel Castro died
Traffic grew around 10 per cent after Donald Trump officially won the presidency
Searches for ‘golden showers’ spiked by 289 per cent in January after those claims

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