Oh no! Ex-Bigg Boss Girl Akanksha slapped Yuvraj with a domestic violence case

Yuvraj Singh is slapped with a domestic violence case against his sister-in-law Akanksha Sharma. The Ex-Bigg Boss contestant has now come out in the open against her domestic violence case.

The cricketer has got a lot to worry as the levied charges can bring his career down. The accusation against her brother-in-law has created a buzz in social media.

The family warfare has taken a dreadful turn as Akanksha has filed a case of domestic violence against her entire in-laws family.

Akanksha Sharma was a participant of Bigg Boss Season 10.

The daughter-in-law has slammed the case against her husband Zoravar Singh, mother-in-law Shabnam Singh and also Yuvraj Singh.

The first hearing of the case is scheduled on October 21. Confirming the case, her lawyer Swati Singh Malik stated, “Akanksha has filed domestic violence case against her Husband Zoravar Singh, Yuvraj Singh and mother-in-law Shabnam Singh.”

Speaking on Yuvraj’s involvement, Akanksha said violence is not confined to physical torture itself but also mental and financial where Yuvraj needs to be blamed for.

Yuvraj too along with Zoravar and his mother was pressuring her to have a baby.

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