Obama ditches his BlackBerry for a ‘Play Phone’ !

Since this year 2016 has been one bad news to the other for all the blackberry users. Facebook and Whatsapp had already made it clear that they won’t be partnering with BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry Operating System anymore. So celebrities are getting rid of their phones and switching over to new ones.

It took a while, but President Obama also has finally gotten rid of his ancient blackberry phone which he has been using since he took over his office. Appearing on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, Mr. Obama said he had been given a brand new device (currently unnamed)which is “so locked down for security reasons that I can’t call, play music, send texts or take pictures.”

Obama even mentions of watching enviously at his daughters and the first lady who use modern smartphone once while he is supposed to use a feature poor device. But the commander-in-chief can take heart, in just a matter of months his term in the white house will be over and he can get back to being the “high tech guy” he one was.

Mr. Obama has been joking about his phone situation for years now. While his BlackBerry was considered high-tech when he came into office, the situation quickly changed. As far back as 2010, he called using the BlackBerry “no fun”, and then lamented that security concerns prevented him from using an iPhone.

Not only Barak Obama was a religious fan of BlackBerry but there are many celebrities who still cannot get rid of their favorite BlackBerry devices easily. One of them is UttarPradesh’s Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who has immense profound love for his BlackBerry device.

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