Mariah Carrey lounges in Skimpy Lingerie while answering fan questions, Is Everything, watch it now!

If there’s any singer who can rock Black Skimpy Lingerie, while answering Fan questions in a live Facebook session, it has to be Mariah Carey right.

The ‘All I Want From Christmas’ singer held a Facebook Live session on Thursday (Feb 2) answering some fan questions and also revealing bit about what’s yet to come.

Mariah Carey recorded the session in total Mariah’s way, wearing stylish lingerie while lying on a hotel bed. During the session Mariah revealed that she has a role in upcoming ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ and teased some more upcoming projects of her.
Carey said she always wanted to go to Brazil; also her favourite place in the world is Mexico. One fan asked about her favourite song, she replied she loves ‘Petals’, ‘Underneath the Star’, ‘Touch My Body’, and her latest song ‘I Don’t’. Her favourite Valentine’s Day song is her own ‘My All’.
Mariah Carey also discussed about her new song “I Don’t” feat. YG that will drop today (As of this writing) saying that they worked with Jermaine Dupri on the track. She also said she loves to do singles and not albums because it is “a lot more fun.”
Much to a delight for ‘Lambs’, Carey said she’s working on a secret friend who is a very “dear friend” of her and they will be shooting a music video to accompany the track too.
However, the best moment of the fb session has to be the one fan who said Mariah to write a song called “I Don’t Know Her”, good dig to Ariana Grande.

Mariah latest song “I Don’t” is inspired by her failed engagement with Australian billionaire James Packer. The singer is now dating 33 year old choreographer Bryan Tanaka. It is believed that Packer was concerned with Mariah’s closeness to Tanaka before they called it quit.

The song “I don’t” premiers on Friday (Feb 3).

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