Ladies and Gentleman ! World’s first vagina museum coming soon

Vagina, Penis and many more words like have become a taboo subject.In fact many people find it difficult to talk about these things in public. They feel it can be a sensitive and awkward topic that raises feelings of embarrassment, shame or inadequacy.

To clear the doubt about penis, there is also a museum, which you might not have heard before :Penis Museums

It is known as The Iceland Phallological Museums, which contains a collection of more than two hundred and fifteen penises and penile part belonging to almost all the land sea mammals that can be found in Iceland.

Now , In the whole, entire world, there’s not a single museum for the vagina.

Science YouTuber Florence Schechter  is trying to change this, and has launched a campaign to open the world’s first ever museum dedicated to vaginas.

She says her museum will feature free exhibitions on the science, history and culture of vaginas.

This will include sexuality and gender identity, consent, contraception, FGM, sexual violence and the history of, and modern day, feminism.

Florence got an idea to open the Vagina Musuem, when she did not find enough information on Vaginas, when she had to make a video on animal vaginas.

For this she has opened a Instagram account for the cause and is expecting people would help her achieve the task of making the museum

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