Jogger won’t stop pooping on family’s lawn

As what can be termed absurd and unbelievable as-far the human rational mind can think, and In India, where lakhs of families suffer daily for lack of accessible toilets, a lady from Colorado is seen caught defecating around the houses – even in front of children.

The lady is named with the new name by the neighbours as“Mad Pooper,” and to make the matter worse for the lady, the police.

The woman has been leaving No. 2s for nearly two months now, according to The Gazette in Colorado Springs.

“There’s a lady taking a poop!” Cathy Budde’s children told her one day at the beginning of the defecation drama.

When Budde went outside, she caught the woman — mid-squat, pants down — pooping outside her house, Budde told KKTV in Colorado Springs.

Are you really taking a poop right here in front of kids, an incredulous Budde asked her.

“Yeah, sorry!” the woman answered.

Now the runner poops at least once a week around the neighbourhood, Budde told the TV station, which showed a soiled napkin lying on the ground.

The “Mad Pooper” comes prepared.

“It’s abnormal, it’s not something I’ve seen in my career,” Sgt. Jonathan Sharketti of the Colorado Springs Police Department told the TV station. “For someone to repeatedly do such a thing … it’s uncharted territory for me.”

In May, surveillance footage and social media led Colorado Springs police to a man who defecated on the porch of his dead ex-girlfriend out of revenge, according to KKTV.

Budde said a nearby park has porta-potties and a convenience store close by also has bathrooms, so she’s not sure why the woman won’t quit the drive-by dumps.

The police asked Budde to photograph the woman to help identify her.

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