From lifestyle to Hospitality: Louis Vuitton launches its first ever restaurant!

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy is all set to keep their first step into hospitality. The brand, Louis Vuitton has been serving luxury to  customers for 166 years now! And now its parent company LVMH is all set to expand ever further into hospitality.

The company announced yesterday that they are going to inaugurate ‘dubbed Le Café’ and that the café will be located on Vuittion’s four-level Osaka maison’s top floor. The menu of the café is to be decided and designed by renowned Japanese chef Yosuke Suga. The date that the restaurant will start serving is 15th February 2020. We all have our eyes on the date to see how Louis Vuitton brings luxury and royalty into their hospitality venture.

But that’s not it, as per the sources, the place is also going to have an luxury bar adjoining the café. Next to the bar, LVMH has decided to make Sugalabo V, an exclusive space for open kitchen that will serve only dinner to a lucky few customers on a terrace of considerable size mirroring the Tokyo branch of Sugalabo.

A rendering of the space that came out shows a palette of black and grey in contrast with yellow and gold that gives one hundred percent feels of LV.

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