Forget IIM, This couple earns more than 5 lakhs for just posting pictures on Instagram.

If you think nowdays having a degree will only give you paycheck, then you are wrong.There are plethora of websites which pay hefty amount for single posts.

As everyone want to travel the world, think of a job where you are paid for exploring new places.How cool that job would be ?

There is a couple who have become the Instagram sensation, naming Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen who earns 6 digit salary for their beautiful pictures and posts which they post on their Instragram account.

Jack and Lauren got in touch when they were working together on a job in Fizi, and have been inseparable, offline and online, ever since. Under the names of their respective travel blogs, Do You Travel by Jack and Gypsea Lust by Lauren, they have attracted more than three million impressive Instagram followers.

Jack told  “We met in March 2016 whilst on a job together in Fiji. We got on so well from day one and were inseparable throughout the whole trip. On our last night in Fiji I asked her to come to Bali with me, she said yes and we’ve been together ever since!”

Such is power of their Instagram accounts that brands are willing to pay them thousands for a single photograph!

“Exact figures are hard to say because every job is different, but we won’t do a post for less than $3,000. I did a job for a phone company where I flew out for three days; there were two days filming and then I had to do five photos on Instagram, and that was $35,000,” said Jack while speaking to a news portal

If we convert the amount into Indian currency, it is about 180,000 Rs. Isn’t HUGE ?

Not just that, some of the world’s best resorts are queuing up to host them free of charge. During the course of their travel, they have tried out luxury glamping in the Sahara, stayed at the Four Seasons in the Maldives, and most recently stayed at the world-famous Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.

Here are some photos, which couples posted on their Instragram accounts.




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