Carlsberg announces world’s first sustainable paper ‘beer’ bottle

Carlsberg announces world’s first sustainable paper ‘beer’ bottle

Danish brewer Carlsberg Group has today unveiled two research prototypes of its Green Fibre Bottle – the world’s first ‘paper’ beer bottle.

Carlsberg take an initiative which includes a commitment to reach zero carbon emissions and a 30% reduction in its “full-value-chain carbon footprint” by 2030.

The brewer has revealed two types for its fire bottle which are made from. sustainably sourced wood fibres and have an “inner barrier” allowing the bottle to hold beer. One uses a thin recycled PET polymer film barrier, while the other has a bio-based PEF polymer film barrier.

Carlsberg’s update announced the forming of a paper bottle community with leading global companies that also aim to advance sustainable packaging through paper bottle technology innovations.

The companies in the community include L’Oréal, The Coca-Cola Company and The Absolut Company.

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