Brian and Dom Forever and Always!

By: Rishav Pandey

Vin Diesel, who portray’s Dominic Toretto (Dom) in the Fast and Furious franchise never fails to bring men to tears over his words on Paul Walker, who used to portray Brian O’Conner in the franchise.

Paul Walker’s death in November,2013 was a shock to the entire Hollywood and the star cast of the F&F series had it the hardest to digest.

vin diseal

Vin Diesel has been speaking words and posting images that shows his belief. Recently, he posted a picture of himself smiling while holding his daughter Pauline – named after Paul – up in the air. The shot has been altered to include the late actor smiling on the pair, and Diesel captioned the shot “Always”.

Time and again, the bonding of these two people in real life was a reason for their outstanding performances on screen. And the departure of Paul is like an unfathomable chasm to Diesel.

“I don’t have friends, I’ve got a family” is what he says and believes. With the approach of the F8 release, the times call for listening “See you again” on a loop mode.

We all know that the absence of Paul can’t be neglected in F8 but all we can hope is that it gives them the strength to be what they are, A Family Always!

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