Bizarre! Mother wraps new-born in plastic and parcels her to orphanage in China

In a bizarre incident in China, a 24-year-old mother of a new-born child apparently packed her baby in a plastic cover to parcel it to an orphanage. According to a report by Beijing News, the courier man was delivering a parcel to the Fuzhou Children’s Welfare Institution when, to his utter astonishment, he heard sounds of a wailing baby from inside the parcel. And as the parcel started moving, the delivery man panickily opened it to find out a baby girl wrapped in plastic.

Reportedly, the courier man was told not to open the parcel by the baby’s mother, when he intended to do so while he first picked it up. However, after discovering the baby in the parcel, the man called up the police and did the needful.

The incident stirred up an online outcry after a video of it went viral after being posted on Chinese social media platform, Weibo. With a crowd gathered around the baby girl, the video depicts the courier man waiting for the authorities while another man dips a cotton bud in a bottle to wipe the baby’s lips to protect her from the soaring local temperature.

Confirming that they have received the new-born, the Jinan District Hospital, where the baby was admitted for further care and investigation, told South China Morning Post that the girl is a few days old and is in sound condition now.

The mother of the child, reportedly belonging to the country’s Sichuan province, had been tracked and arrested by the police and might face a jail term of up to five years according to the Chinese laws. Irked by the incident, several social media users commented that the child will be better off at an orphanage than with her mother.

By Priyam Mukhopadhyay

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