Bizarre! Failed attempt to tattoo eyeball leaves model partially blind

Scared of getting a tattoo? Even more scared of getting a needle pierced in your eye? Well then what this model just did is going to leave you speechless.

Catt Gallinger, a model from Ottawa, Canada, for some bizarre reasons, decided to change the color of one of her eyeball to purple. And with a desperate wish to try something really different, she actually ended up going to a tattoo artist to get her eye injected with purple ink.

Sounds crazy?

The result certainly turned out to be horrific for Gallinger, who, according to medical experts, can have a permanent vision loss in one eye. Clearly stating that the procedure is too dangerous, Ophthalmologist Setareh Ziai, while speaking to CBC, said that the failed attempt poses possible risks of permanent vision loss for the model.

Catt Gallinger decided to get her eye tattooed at the behest of her now ex-boyfriend Eric Brown. Being a tattoo artist himself, Brown decided to carry out the procedure but his amateur skills ended up resulting in serious vision impairment for Gallinger.

Speaking to Vice, Gallinger said, “The artist, my ex-boyfriend, just kept pushing me until I got it done that night. We were only together for a month, but I’ve known him for years. It was something I thought I could trust him with because he had a portfolio. I was wrong.”

A moment of madness has now lead Catt with a red, swollen and infected eye which she captured and shared on social media. The graphic pictures and videos show purple ink leaking from her eye. Despite trying antibiotic drops and visiting the doctors on several occasions, there has been no improvement in her eyesight and she will now have to undergo several operations, which still can’t assure if she’ll regain a normal eyesight.

However, speaking in his defense, Brown claimed that the responsibility of the experimental failure goes to Gallinger. Blaming his ex-girlfriend for not taking care of her eye after the procedure, Brown claimed that Gallinger was reluctant to use the eye drops he had recommended.

Meanwhile, the horror of the tattoo and the fear of losing her vision permanently is now affecting the mental stability of Gallinger. “At this point, every day is different. Some days I feel a bit better, other days I kind of want to give up,” she said.

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