Amazon CEO Bezos Stuns World With Macho Looks; Twitter Goes Into Frenzy

Amazons stocks aren’t the only thing on the rise, as Jeff Bezos’ new macho body has become an internet sensation the world is going into a frenzy. This week’s Allen and company, Sun Valley conference at Idaho, was marked by the Amazon CEO striding in wearing a tight T-shirt and a half jacket, displaying his beefy arms to the world.

At 53, the Silicon Valley billionaire had internet users swooning over his swollen arms. His transformation from just another lanky CEO to what appears to be his own action movie star, along with the lines of Vin Diesel and The Rock, begged to be made into a meme. The internet quickly obliged. Photoshopped versions of his picture with muscular arms made its way into tweets, and the resulting edits are hilarious.

“Jeff Bezos went from ‘Would you like to buy a book?” to ‘Your Prime Clone has shipped. Arriving via drone in 20 minutes’”, posted Pat Rooney, a twitter user. “The best and the shades scream ‘action hero casually walking away from an explosion”, says Jesse Lansner, another Photoshop expert on Twitter.

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