A worthy tribute to cameras: Museo Camera in Gurgaon

How many times have you seen a man holding a box camera, his head hidden under a cloth, clicking a family portrait? Such sights get rarer by the day but make for all the more reason to be cherished. Few names like Raghu Rai, Homai Vyarawalla, Raghubir Singh, Kulwant Roy, Dayanita Singh, Pablo Bartholomew are men and women who have embellished Indian photography. Now their work, and the fascinating history of their art, is about to get an expansive and worthy tribute.

Gurgaon will soon boast what is likely to be the largest museum in the world devoted to the history of the camera, the apparatus whose increasing ubiquity has allowed generations to record moments for posterity.


‘The Museo Camera – Centre of Photography’ is a collaboration between Aditya Arya (he of the city’s charming Vintage Camera Museum) and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. Not surprisingly, Arya found space at home too small for his growing collection of cameras and photographic paraphernalia (he currently has between 600 and 700 models of cameras, both bought and donated, and of all shapes, sizes and vintages).The municipal body is looking at an August 19 launch date, to coincide with World Photography Day.


He is hopeful the museum will become a place where the inquisitive youngster, curious amateur and seen-it-all pro can come to get enlightened. Arya is very keen to get schoolchildren, especially students from government schools, to converge here every day for tours, classes and workshops.

Best of all, photography will be “strictly” permitted. The Museo Camera will be surely a Gurgaon’s gift to the country and to the world.

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