A Seven-Year-Old Girl Wrote To Google For A Job And Got A Reply From Sundar Pichai

Who won’t like a workplace having spaceships, slides, go-karts, rooms filled with sponge balls? So, is the case of the seven-year-old girl Chloe Bridgewater from Hereford, United Kingdom.

Chloe Bridgewater, who lives in Hereford, UK, has a little more drive than your average seven-year-old.
Fascinated by her Kindle Fire tablet and robots, and totally taken by the idea of working somewhere with bean bag chairs, go-karts, and slides, Chloe decided to apply to Google for a job.

Here is Chloe’s letter, shared to Business Insider by her father, Andy:

Super cute, right? Well, imagine her surprise and delight when she got a letter back from the CEO of Google himself, Sundar Pichai, who encouraged her to follow her dreams, adding “I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school! :)”

The excited dad is extremely appreciative of Sundar Pichai, who took the time to respond to a letter from a small girl. He also hopes that his baby girl understands that work at google means a lot more than bean bags and slides and hopes she will be able to make this dream come true. Thank you, Sundar Pichai for being so generous. Google will always be a dream company for millions like me and Chloe.

“Can’t thank such a busy person enough to take time out to make a little girl’s dream become one step closer, although not sure she’s fully aware that it’ll take more than riding go karts and sleeping in pods to make it with Google!”

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