10 Things To Do This Monsoon

By Kavita Khanna

We all love rain, don’t we? This monsoon do all the quirky things with some droplets on yourself!

Here is a list of things that you must try out this monsoon:

1. Read while you caffeinate

Books and a coffee cup on a windowsill

Time spent on reading is a time well spent. While watching little rain trinklets pouring you can read up different novels. Some of them are: ‘Thunderstruck’ by Elizabeth McCracken, ‘Joyland’ by Stephen King, ‘Marrying Her Royal Enemy’ by Mills and Boons and ‘Wreckage’ by Emily Bleeker.

2. Dance or Sing To Yourself


The fun way to spend a rainy day is to enjoy yourself and what better than dancing or singing. Pouring your heart out while it pours outside is extremely And remember, nobody is watching!

3. Carry an umbrella


With great rains comes great responsibility! Carry your own shield and do not get drenched in rain.

4. Flats All The Way


Ladies, kind attention of yours is required here! This Monsoon won’t be nice to you at all. The best way to deal with it is to wear flat footwear wherever you go. Flats are better than a broken heel, don’t you think?

5. Movie Marathon


Snuggle it up in your bedsheets and be lazy all day, cause that’s what monsoons are for! Movies you can catch this season are: ‘Harry Potter’ (any of the 7 parts), ‘UP’, ‘The Notebook’, ‘First 50 Dates.’

6. Shot It Out!

Collection-Shot Glasses-

You dont need any reason to have a drink, invite your friends for a shot game or for beer pong! Let’s see who wins?

7. Long Romantic Drive

Long Drives

As cliched as it sounds but yes a long drive could give you some peaceful, amazing moments with your loved ones. Just make sure of the route cause with heavy rains comes heavy traffic and you don’t want that.

8. Chai + Samosa

Chai Samosa

Chai and Samosa, what a deadly combo it is! Have chai and samosa on rainy day to make it for perfect. Samosa has no substitute (trust me) but you can have Pakoras also.

9. House Party


Invite all your friends up for a house party. There’s always Dominos and Pizza Hut for splendid deals and watch memories in making!

10. Get Drenched


Not getting drenched is not an option. Stand outside your house and feel the droplets on your face and you’ll already have a smile on your face.

Happy Monsoon everyone, I hope you don’t catch the dreaded cold this season!

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